Move-Out Process


To terminate your License Agreement at the end of your term, contact the Employee & Family Housing (EFH) Office to request an Intent to Vacate form. This form will need to be returned to EFH 30-days prior to the date you wish vacate your apartment. 

Please Note: Vacating prior to the end of your license term will result in a early termination fee. 


To avoid unnecessary charges, make sure your apartment is cleaned according to our cleaning guidelines.  

Check-out Process

Bring your keys and parking permits to the Employee & Family Housing Office located at 796 State Drive. During this time we will validate your forwarding address and contact information.

Move-out Cleaning Guidelines

By following the guidelines below you should have no problem passing your cleaning inspection and saving yourself from being billed for cleaning charges. These guidelines are generalized and feature using environmentally friendly products. Cleaning products are at your discretion.

If you have apartment-mates, discuss how the larger cleaning tasks will be divided. Be especially courteous to the person who will be the last to check out to ensure they are not left with the bulk of the cleaning and trash removal.

  • Cleaning is easier and faster when done on a regular basis.
  • Pick up items such as paper clips, rubber bands, coins, hairpins, etc. before vacuuming to avoid breaking the belt.
  • Read the directions of all cleaning products before using them. If you clean often, you can avoid the more hazardous and environmentally unfriendly chemicals. Baking soda can be substituted for cleaning agents and de-greasers for light to medium cleaning.
  • DON'T MIX CHEMICALS! Many chemicals can be TOXIC when combined, even on a sponge. ALWAYS rinse sponge before using another cleaning product and when cleaning is completed.
  • DO use rubber gloves when using cleaning supplies.
  • DON'T use powdered cleanser (Comet, Ajax) or products such as Soft Scrub on stainless steel sink, showers, walls, faucets etc. Severe scratches will occur
  • STOVETOP & RANGE HOOD - Use Green Tornado (GT) or Simple Green mix - 40 parts water to one-part GT is the normal ratio- on a dampened sponge. Wipe until all visible grease and dirt is removed.
  • SINK, COUNTERTOPS & TABLES - Wipe clean with a dampened sponge with diluted Green Tornado mix or dishwashing liquid.
  • REFRIGERATOR - Wipe up spills as they happen. Wipe out inside and outside with a damp sponge. Use small amount of diluted GT if necessary. (If you prefer, you could use diluted dish washing liquid or baking soda instead)
  • FLOORS - Sweep first. Use sponge, mop, and GT mix to clean floor. Spot clean stubborn stains with a little undiluted GT on your double-sided scrub sponge.
  • WALLS, DOORS, CEILINGS - Using a GT mix and clean smudges and marks on walls, doors and ceilings and wipe with sponge.
  • REFRIGERATOR RACKS - Remove all food from the refrigerator and wipe each rack with dampened sponge. Use scrubber to remove any spills that won't come off.
  • OVEN, RACKS, BROILER - Clean with oven cleaner if you have baked on crud. Be sure to use gloves & follow directions on can. Oven sprays contain lye and will cause burns. Use oven cleaner to clean racks also. Be sure to wipe all the spray off.
  • HOOD VENT - Remove vent. This item can get very greasy. Soak and swish it in soapy water (use dishwashing liquid). Dry vent and replace.
  • SINK - Dampen sponge with water. Squirt small amount of GT mix on sponge and scrub sink, faucet, and handles. Rinse entire sink and sponge.
  • SHOWER - Remove any hair from shower, floor, and drain. Use GT mix on a dampened sponge to wipe all shower surfaces. Rinse shower and sponge. If you need a little more scrubbing oomph, use Pink Power fiberglass showers (no abrasive cleanser!) or Comet for enamel for those stubborn stains.
  • TOILET - The best thing is to use your toilet brush with a little scouring powder sprinkled on every time you flush (particularly if you are water conservation types). The more you let the scale build-up, the harder it will be to clean the toilet. In any case, use that toilet brush at least a couple of times a week to prevent build-up. 
  • COUNTERTOPS & LEDGES - Dampen sponge with water and wipe.
  • WALLS, DOORS and KNOBS, CEILINGS - Look for drips and handprints on doors and walls. Wipe with sponge dampened with water. Use small amount of GT mix if necessary. Look at ceiling. See any orange blobs or mildew? Ventilation and light will help prevent this. Wipe off mildew spots with GT mix on damp sponge. Don't let it build up!
  • MIRRORS - Spray mirror with glass cleaner and wipe with paper towel until all cleaner is gone and mirror is clean and dry
  • FLOORS - Clean them just like your kitchen floors (see above).
  • CARPETS - Vacuum apartment once a week or as necessary. Pick up any items which will jam the vacuum - push pins, nails, rubber bands, string, coins, etc. Vacuum all carpeted areas. Empty bag once a month or more if necessary. 
  • FURNITURE - Dust weekly or as necessary using soft rag. Wipe up spills immediately.
  • WINDOWS - Clean once a week, or as necessary using glass cleaner and paper towels or crumpled newspaper.
  • End of the year trash and recycle unwanted items. 
  • Don’t let trash build up to the last day. Sort and dispose of your recyclables on an ongoing basis. The trash cans fill up quickly start recycling trash early to avoid trash spilling over onto the grounds area.
  • Items you do not want take with you which are still in good condition- please donate, participate in the end of the year swap or charitable donation bins located in any residence halls, Towers, or Village common areas or talk to your Community Assistant.


Upon termination of your License Agreement, the security deposit shall be applied to any damages, delinquent licensing fees, or any fees due to the University. Refer to our 'Estimate of Move-out Charges' for more information. Any remaining balance will only be refunded to the Primary Licensee and mailed to your forwarding address or last known address.

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