Move-out Process

Prior to Move-Out:

To terminate your License Agreement at the end of your term, complete the Intent to Vacate form and return it to the Employee & Family Housing Office 30-days prior to the date you wish vacate your apartment. Upon approval, the Employee & Family Housing will send you an acknowledgement that will Move-Out Cleaning Guidelines and an Estimate of Cleaning/Repair Charges. 

Please Note: Vacating prior to the end of your license term will result in a early termination fee. Please reference your License Agreement.

Move-Out Day:

Bring your keys and parking permits to the Employee & Family Housing Office located at 796 State Drive, San Francisco, CA 94132 to be checked out. During this time we will validate your forwarding address and contact information. 

Return of Security Deposit:

Upon termination of your License Agreement, the security deposit shall be applied to any damages, delinquent licensing fees, or any fees due to the University. Any remaining balance will only be refunded to the Primary Licensee and mailed to your forwarding address or last known address.