University Park North Window Project (High-rises only)

San Francisco State University will begin replacing the remaining living room windows in the 3-bedroom units in of the high-rise buildings starting on Monday, March 16, 2020. See FAQs below for further details. 

When will the construction start?

  • Construction will begin Monday, March 16th, 2020 in buildings 225-235 & 255-265 Buckingham Way

What are the hours of construction?

  • Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

Will my building be affected?

  • The only buildings that will be affected are:
    • 225 – 235 Buckingham Way
    • 255 – 265 Buckingham Way
    • 285 – 295 Buckingham Way
    • 325 – 335 Buckingham Way

Will my apartment be affected?

  • Only three-bedroom units in UPN high-rises will be affected

What should I do if my unit is affected by this project?

  • Affected units will receive detailed information approximately one week prior to work, including:
    • What steps to take to get your apartment ready
    • Dates of entry by personnel
    • Duration of work

My apartment is scheduled for a new window, how long will this take?

  • Each apartment will take roughly two weeks to complete. Adverse conditions, such as inclement weather may delay completion dates.

Will I be inconvenienced?

  • There will be some noise during construction. Activities to be aware of include:
    • Installation of mobile scaffolding
    • Barriers around select work areas and entryways
    • Entry into buildings and use of elevators by University personnel and contractors
    • Entry into affected apartments to complete work
    • Demolition of existing windows
    • Drilling, grinding, and surfacing of window openings
    • Installation of new windows
    • Water testing

How long will this project last?

  • Project is scheduled to last 3-4 months