Housing Renewal FAQ

A. The new renewal increase structure will become effective January 1, 2019 and implemented during your next contract renewal period.

A. You will be sent your renewal packet with the new fees at least 30 days before your existing contract expires.

A. No. You will receive a new agreement upon your next renewal date.

A. You can contact our office directly to receive that information. OR use the following formula to calculate the percentage based on your unit floorplan:

Published License Fee – Your current License Fee =  % difference
                      Published License Fee

  • Units with a license fee of between 0-15% below our published fees = a 1% increase.
  • Units with a license fee of between 15-30% below our published fees = a 3% increase.
  • Units with a license fee of between 30-45% below our published fees = a 5% increase.
  • Units with a license fee of between 45%+ below our published fees = a 7% increase.

A. All residents who moved in after SF State had acquired ownership of the property will be included in this renewal structure.

A. After the 5% flat increase was announced last year, residents expressed concern that those paying the highest rates would be the most impacted. This new structure responds to that concern.

A. No. As the annual rate increases occur, you will move through the tiers to a smaller percentage increase.

A. The new graduated increase will replace the plan initially proposed in 2017 and will be effective through FY 2022/2023.

A. After listening and gathering additional input from campus residents’, Housing determined that the graduated increase best responds to the feedback it received.

A. No. University Housing is a self-support unit that does not receive General Fund allocations from the State of California. Therefore, all License Fees are set to cover all operating, maintenance and infrastructure improvement expenses.

A. All fee changes require the approval of the Vice President & CFO, Administration & Finance and the University President.