Annual Renewal Increases

September 4, 2018
In our role as prudent stewards of campus housing, in July 2017 we increased licensing renewal rates to 5% annually through FY 2022/2023. We took this step in an effort to balance the increasing costs of the housing program and assure long-term sustainability of campus housing by planning for growth in essential capital investments. 
These investments will help ensure the safety and the quality of life for residents and include completion or continuation of the following projects in both University Park North and South: exterior painting; external and hallway lighting upgrades for safety and security; community services patrol staff and other security enhancements; hazardous material remediation (such as asbestos-wrapped pipes); plumbing replacements; fire alarms and sprinkler systems; and window replacements. 
We heard from campus residents who felt that the new renewal rate did not allow adequate time to make decisions regarding their continued tenancy or provide options for those who would be the most financially impacted. 
Since then, our office has worked diligently to provide creative solutions in response to your concerns. Effective January 1, 2019, the Employee & Family Housing office will modify its renewal increases to reflect the following:  
Renewal Increases
Percentage Below Publish Rate Annual Increase Rate Units Affected
0-15% 1% 65
15-30% 3% 24
30-45% 5% 38
45%+ 7% 7

(For example: If a tenant's current base license fee is $2,000 and the published license fee is $2,500, the tenant is paying 20% below the published rate. Therefore, the renewal increase is 3%.) 

In addition to this change, we are also modifying the 2018 - 2019 License Agreement to clarify language about eligibility and other important terms and conditions. Also commencing in January 2019, your household will receive separate communication that will outline these changes with your next license renewal agreement. 
We thank you for your patience over the past several months. We value your feedback, so if you have further questions, please contact the Employee & Family Housing office at (415) 405-4000.