Eligibility for Residency

A limited number of units are designated for permanent faculty or staff and full-time students with families. Employment and full-time student status must be maintained through the duration of residency.

The following individuals are eligible to enter into a License Agreement for campus residency at University Park:

    Primary Licensee

    • current student with family*
    • current faculty member
    • current staff member
    • current administrator
    • Legacy resident (individual who was residing on the property at the time of purchase by San Francisco State University)


    • current student*
    • current faculty member
    • current staff member
    • current administrator
    • spouse of the Primary Licensee
    • registered domestic partner of the Primary Licensee
    • non-affiliated roommates in faculty/staff and legacy apartments only

    Please Note:

    • *A current student is defined as carrying fifteen (15) units per semester for undergraduates and nine (9) units per semester in a graduate program.  Exemptions to this requirement may be accommodated during a student’s anticipated final semester.
    • In addition to the above, legal dependents of the Primary Licensee are allowed to be residents when listed on the License Agreement. 
    • When the Primary Licensee moves or is no longer qualified for a license renewal, all other Licensees and dependents must also vacate the apartment.
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